Hello and welcome to my website my name is Louise Jackson and I work as a game developer. I’m currently working at Outplay Entertainment Ltd as a QA Engineer and have previously worked on design projects while attending Abertay University.  When not working as a QA I enjoy writing and code breaking.
David Carnegie Award 2016 – Abertay University
Diversity Award 2016– Abertay University and The Chinese Room


Outplay Entertainment Ltd

Working as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Outplay Entertainment over the course of this year I have been involved on over five projects with the company. My responsibilities include identifying bugs, user experience issues, the development of test cases and testing methods, and to work collaboration with the appropriate development teams to assist with constant bi-weekly updates.

For the majority of my time at Outplay I have worked on one of their latest games Crafty Candy, a sweet match 3 game following the adventures of Candice the witch. While on the game there have large changes including a new art style, new game modes and UI updates, all of which needed extensive testing in multiple areas to provide the player with an enjoyable experience. An good understanding of analytics is also needed in relation to the game to properly understand how the changes have been received and to identify issues.

Working with the development team I was able to express my opinions on how to improve the player’s experience and put forward ideas on new features and map areas, some of which have been implemented into the current game.

When needed I have been available to be placed onto other teams to assist when they required an extra pair of hands on a project. As such I have developed the ability to quickly adapt to new problems and team management styles, as well as identifying ways to improve their current methods and systems.w

AMPS: A Musical Platforming Symphony

AMPS – A Musical Platforming Symphony is a 2D neon platformer where the whole game moves to the music. Inspired by games 140, Sound Shapes and Geometry Wars, you control areas of the level to complete puzzles in time with the music.

During the development of this game I used Perforce, Sony’s PhyreEngine and Construct 2 to create levels, each level has it’s own unique song separated into it’s different components which could be brought in and out by the player to solve puzzles. All levels went through extensive playtest on the public before being showcased at Dare Protoplay 2015 in Dundee. Due to the nature of the game I work closely with the sound designers on the projects to create interesting and fun levels which complemented the music.

AMPS: A Musical Platforming Symphony