A prototype for a space based platformer with a gravity defying mechanic.

Developed while attending Abertay University the prototype was created from a brief given by the Brighton based game company FuturLab. The game was designed and developed to fit in with FuturLab’s style and design philosophy.

Set in space the player controlled a salvage robot flipping and running through the hulls of forgotten and abandoned ships in an intergalactic spaceship graveyard.


Over the course of this project I was in charge of the overall design of the prototype and creative vision of the prototype put forward by the team. Levels were created and iterated on multiple time while using data from play tests which I organised. I was also in charge of regular presentations with the client and was one of the primary presenter of the prototype. When the producer was unable to attend meeting it became my responsibility to organise the team and keep on track.

The prototype was developed for the PS Vita.


Game Design Document

Narrative Design Document


Art by Matt Bain

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